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The representative team of the ecological company returned with a high reputation in the fifth staff badminton competition of the Group company "Healthy China · Feather You Walk together"

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      From May 9 to May 10, after two days of fierce competition, the fifth staff badminton competition of the Group company "Healthy China · Feather you Walk together" came to an end smoothly, and the ecological team was full of fighting spirit, passed the test, and won the third place of the group and the runner-up of the women's singles。

      The athletes fought hard to show their style and showed their skills vividly。The attacking side's powerful smash, the defending side's quick save, and the high skill fight make the charm of badminton infect the whole court。Everyone goes all out, swings with abandon, you come to me, take turns against each other, deducing the "speed and passion" of badminton.。Refueling, Shouting one after another, the atmosphere is tense and warm, the climax of the game is repeated, leaving countless wonderful moments。

      This competition fully demonstrates the positive and enterprising spirit of the majority of employees of the ecological company. Next, we will work hard on the field, based on their own duties, focus on the focus, and devote ourselves to work with more enthusiasm。(Dai Ge Zheng)