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Eco Company learned to convey the spirit of the Third Staff Congress of the Second Session of the Group and the 2024 Work Conference

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2024-02-19 16:27 Number of readings:


On February 6, the ecological company held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the third Staff Congress of the second session of the Learning Group and the 2024 work meeting。

Meeting requirements, one is to deeply convey the spirit of the study meeting, passed"Three meetings and one lesson", thematic learning and other forms, organize all Party members, cadres and staff to carry out study and discussion, combined with job responsibilities, in-depth exchange of understanding and experience, explore work ideas and measures, and apply the spirit of the conference to unify ideas, improve awareness, guide practice, and promote work。The second is to make up for shortcomings, strong and weak items,We will further enhance our core competitiveness,We will give play to the leading role of state-owned enterprise platforms,Firmly to strengthen the ecological construction business, to build an excellent state-owned enterprise brand as the goal,Focus on ecological and environmental restoration projects involved in the strategic layout, such as watershed governance, soil remediation, and mine governance,For all levels of governments, enterprises to provide project planning, capital declaration, engineering design, engineering construction, project operation and other professional services。Third, strengthen management,Reduce costs and increase efficiency,Build a solid foundation for high-quality development,We take "steady growth" as our primary goal,Take "strong management and control" as an important measure,"Push forward reform" as a powerful starting point,Take "promoting innovation" as the driving engine,Take "risk prevention" as a key link,Take "security" as the bottom line requirement。Fourth, adhere to the Party's overall leadership, promote the deep integration of party building with production and operation, train a team of qualified officials and talents, and strengthen the political guarantee for high-quality development。(陈卓)