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Women celebrate 38, skilful hands - ecological company trade union to celebrate the "38" International Women's Day activities

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2024-03-14 11:22 Number of readings:


In order to further activate the festival atmosphere and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female workers, the ecological company union has recently been launched"Keep in mind entrust to build new achievements, Yong Li tide show style" "38" festival activities, leading female workers to experience the fun of DIY handmade, sharing a good time。

At the event site, female workers selected their favorite projects, such as pottery, plaster dolls and texture oil paintings...Everyone in your position, under the guidance of the staff, we give full play to their observation, imagination, creativity, a pair of skillful hands, pull embryos, kneading, painting, sketching, painting, a different form of creative works, this is presented in front of everyone。The female workers exchanged their production experience with each other, took photos, laughed and laughed constantly, immersed in the sense of accomplishment of DIY。

In this activity, female workers cultivated sentiments and gained joy in manual creation, enhanced friendship and narrowed the distance in mutual communication, and created a harmonious collective atmosphere。Everyone has said that they will devote themselves to all kinds of work with more enthusiasm and continuously contribute their strength to the development of the company。(Dai Ge Zheng)