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The General Party branch of the ecological company conveyed the spirit of the meeting of the Party building and discipline Inspection work of the Learning Group in 2024

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2024-03-14 11:29 Number of readings:


On March 4, the General Party Branch of the ecological company held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the Learning Group's 2024 Party building and discipline inspection work conference, summarize the previous year's work, and deploy the key tasks this year。

The meeting required that the spirit of the group meeting should be earnestly implemented, the Party should be comprehensively and strictly governed in depth, the quality and excellence should be improved, the core competitiveness should be continuously enhanced, and the high-quality party building should lead the high-quality development of enterprises。一是Strengthen political construction in all aspects, strengthen the theoretical armed throughout, the two"Consistent" to do practical and detailed。二是Promote mutual integration and promotion of Party building and operation, and advocateThe concept of "double learning" (both learning theory and learning business) continues to carry out the activities of striving for excellence, and pays attention to the combination of the basic requirements of party building work and the basic requirements of service centers in task design。三是Comprehensively empower cadres and talents, accurately and effectively build a strong cadre team, promote talents to strengthen enterprises, and do real assessment and evaluation。四是Strengthen the construction of work style and discipline, and keep an eye on it"Fly and ant corruption", strengthen political supervision, in-depth front-line research, targeted general education, targeted strengthening of personality education, constantly promote the normal long-term discipline education, and persevere to correct the four winds。五是We will promote joint contribution and sharing on all fronts, actively create a harmonious and stable atmosphere, and do a good job in group work。(陈卓)