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Ecological company and China Municipal Engineering Northwest Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. Water conservancy and environmental design Institute for technical cooperation and exchange

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2024-06-21 14:24 Number of readings:

            On May 14, EcCO conducted technical cooperation and exchange with Water Conservancy and Environmental Design Institute of China Municipal Engineering Northwest Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. Nie Honglin, Secretary of the Party General Branch and chairman of EcCO, and Jin Hongqiang, general manager of Water Conservancy and Environmental Design Institute attended the discussion。


Nie Honglin welcomed the arrival of Jin Hongqiang and his delegation, and introduced the development history and business segments of the ecological company。He hoped that the two sides could further deepen understanding through this technical cooperation exchange meeting, actively grasp cooperation opportunities and work together for common development。

Jin Hongqiang emphatically introduced the basic situation, business direction and performance cases in the field of ecological environment of the design institute, and expressed his willingness to work with ecological companies to effectively exert their respective advantages, identify the combination point and strength point, carry out practical cooperation in the field of ecological environment, complement resources, and form a new pattern of long-term stability and common development。

It is reported that the two sides in the central environmental protection special fund application points, solid waste restoration technology and other issues have carried out extensive exchanges, the next step will be in Shaanxi Province ecological environmental protection field to jointly plan specific projects, to promote the cooperation between the two sides to a wider area, deeper and higher level。

Vice General manager Ma Yongqiang, Ren Ziqiang, Chief engineer Zhu Yong, Assistant general manager of Design Institute, Director of Soil and Solid Waste Center Li Bo, chief engineer Li Biao attended the discussion。(Zhou Tianyu)