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China Chemical Engineering Group to Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group discussion exchange

Source: Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group 时间:2023-08-11 10:58 Number of readings:


On August 9, General Manager of Northwest Regional Headquarters of China Chemical Engineering Group,Wang Chunchang, Party secretary and chairman of China Chemical City Investment Company, went to Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group for discussion and exchange。Group Party secretary, chairman Hao Junliang attended the meeting and delivered a speech。Both sides around sewage treatment, sludge disposal, industrial solid (hazardous) waste disposal, photovoltaic power generation, biomass generationIn-depth exchanges were conducted on business cooperation in electricity and other fields。

Hao Junliang welcomed the visit of Wang Chunchang and his delegation, and briefly introduced the development history of environmental protection Group, "13710" strategic planning, industrial layout and other conditions。He said that China Chemical Engineering Group as the domestic industrial engineering field of the most complete qualification, the most complete function, the most complete business chain, knowledge and technology intensive engineering company,It has rich engineering experience, cutting-edge scientific research technology and good investment ability,It is hoped that the two sides will take this meeting as an opportunity,Carry out in-depth exchanges and practical cooperation in the fields of dual carbon, environmental protection comprehensive services, industrial "three wastes" disposal, new energy development and utilization, and park development。

Wang Chunchang said after a brief introduction of China Chemical Engineering Group,Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group has professional environmental protection project construction capabilities and operational advantages in the field of ecological environmental protection,Since its establishment eight years ago, it has made due contributions to the "three major defense battles" of blue sky, clear water and pure land in Shaanxi Province and the ecological and environmental protection work of Qinling Mountains,The business compatibility between the two sides is high,It is hoped that both sides will continue to leverage their respective strengths in the future,Strengthen exchanges and coordination,Deepen central-local cooperation,Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results。

Shaanxi Environmental Protection GroupMember of the Party Committee,General Manager David Li presided over the meeting,Party Committee member, chief accountant Zhang Li, the relevant departments of both sides and the person in charge of the ownership enterprise attended the discussion。(Zhang Min and Xie Lin)