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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group trade union held a charity donation handover ceremony

Source: Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group 时间:2023-08-23 11:07 Number of readings:


On August 22, Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group labor Union to help the poor workers love donation handover ceremony was held in the ecological company。Group company Party secretary, chairman Hao Junliang, deputy Party secretary Liu Qinggang attended。

March of this year,The child of an employee of the construction management company under the ecological company was diagnosed with acute leukemia,He was treated in the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University,The treatment is expected to last one and a half years,The worker's family is in difficulty,Unable to afford the high cost of subsequent treatment,Know this,Group Party committee attaches great importance to,The group trade union is required to take the lead in carrying out charity fundraising activities,Just half a month,A total of 20 donations were raised.06万元。

At the handover ceremony, General Hao Junliang 20.The 60,000 yuan donation was officially transferred to the ecological company's trade union, and expressed condolences to the comrade and his family on behalf of the group Party Committee, and wished the child a speedy recovery。Hao Junliang asked the ecological company union to actively pay attention to the child's treatment and provide corresponding help and care in a timely manner。

Liu Qinggang handed the first treatment fund of 20,000 yuan to the employee, and carefully asked the child's treatment plan, treatment cycle, treatment costs, etc., asked the group's labor union to speed up the approval procedures for the use of fundraising funds, and approved the use of funds in batches according to the treatment situation, and did everything in his power to help the child overcome the disease。(杨阳)